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"What are you still doing here?"

"Hmnnnhh? D’nt want my hard work wasted by y’dying in your sleep."

"Why are you ON the blanket?"


"Pfft, I wasn;t aware you knew the meaning of the word." he’ll say as he draws the blanket back and Aramis will shuffle under.

"Heard someone say it once"

Porthos will pull the blanket around Aramis and if his hand stays over Aramis, well then.

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Porthos did you tAKE HIS FRILLY SHIRT??

[The Musketeers 1x02 and 1x08]

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Some modern Portamis

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And brotherhood is nothing without your brothers.

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please tell me someone gifed the king sprinting up the stairs in episode 6

there’s something satisfying about lying in bed while it rains outside and knowing you don’t have to be up anytime soon

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